• This is probably one of my favorite blends. Not sure how they make this but this stuff is greaf

  • My coffee world changed with my Battle Buddy blend. Not only does satisfy my coffee crave more than I expect in the morning but that smell is amazing! I dig it!

  • Being a veteran myself, I purchased this coffee to support a fellow veteran who started a business, and is also helping out those still downrange. The coffee has a fresh, fantastic taste regardless of the flavor you choose and I am now a gunmonkeycoffee regular!!

  • Thanks Tom for helping to make our Operation Care For Heroes Christmas boxes complete and festive! We again sent Gun Monkey Coffee to a group of Marines currently deployed! I have been told by the Marines that Gun Monkey Coffee Company is awesome, they are very grateful and think your company is doing great things for them while on deployment!
    Thank You Gun Monkey Coffee!

    Beverly Hoban

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