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We are a coffee company dedicated to supporting U.S. troops at home and abroad. Our mission is to provide high-quality, home-roasted coffee to members of the military and veterans as well as their family and friends. Proceeds from our company directly support veteran causes.

Gun Monkey Coffee Company was started by Thomas Hoban, a former Army sergeant with the 10th Mountain Division who deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 to Paktia Province, Forward Operating Base (FOB) Lightning.

While Hoban was stationed at Fort Drum, the post lost several service members to suicide. Returning home from his deployment, Hoban lost a family member to suicide and struggled with his own mental health. Gun Monkey Coffee was started as a way to bring members of the military together and raise money for suicide prevention.

The phrase “gun monkey” refers to lower ranking enlisted members of the military. They are typically the men and women who bear the burden of warfighting to keep Americans safe. We are dedicated to serving them, just as they serve us. Gun Monkey Coffee not only sends quality coffee overseas to active members of the military, but also contributes stateside to programs that help promote mental health for returning troops. Together, we can do our part in taking care of our service members.

We hope you will support us and our mission as we help those who have given so much for us all. 

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