In our mission to directly support veteran causes and to connect with like minded veteran owned companies, we strive to develop new partnerships to enable this objective. If you have interest in developing a partnership and have a similar mission set, please email us directly at


Operation Care for Heroes, a non-profit organization that sends high-quality care packages to troops deployed within the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) Area of Operations (AOR). They establish and maintain a personal relationship with the troops during and after deployments. 

If you would like to contribute to coffee donations and support a unit that is currently deployed, email us at


Triple Hares is a non-profit, supporting the families and spouses of veterans. They tackle the red tape of bureaucracy to ensure our veterans families have what they need when they need it. There is nothing worse than being deployed halfway across the world fighting our nations battles, and not having the confidence of our families financial, mental, spiritual and physical security. We offer camp scholarships for children, grocery support, donations of hand-crafted stuffed bunny toys to children of deployed parents and Gold Star Children. To learn more about their amazing organization, reach out at


We're proud to partner with Gauge Outfitters, a small business that acquires textile materials from a US veteran owned company. This enables gauge outfitters to manufacture the highest quality bags on the market while also supporting a veteran owned business. Their mission is to bring back quality American made products for today’s marksmen. 

Gauge outfitters are partnered with, and give proceeds to, Arrow Warrior Group (AWG) an organization dedicated to providing a support network for veterans and first-responders who are battling with PTSD. They provide a healthy alternative to drug use, alcohol abuse, and suicide.



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