Our Mission

Gun Monkey Coffee Company, a small business, disabled veteran-owned company and Operation Care For Heroes, a 501c3 Non-Profit organization, have teamed together to support deployed troops. Over the last three years, Gun Monkey Coffee Company has roasted fresh and delicious coffee for the troops and has received numerous requests for coffee from all branches of the military that were deployed within combat theaters. 

Currently, Gun Monkey Coffee and Operation Care For heroes are supporting 15 groups of deployed troops, from all military branches, consisting of units deployed within USCENTCOM, USAFRICOM and USPACOM area of operations (AOs), to include hostile combat zones. These units receive Gun Monkey Coffee and Snacks every month and are supported until they redeploy home. The response from the troops has been tremendous.

“I’d like to extend our appreciation for the killer coffee we received, I can tell you that it’s beyond appreciated.”

“We greatly appreciate your support. God bless you, your company, and the United States!”

“The aroma and taste bring a smile to our faces in the morning!”

“The mess coffee gets old, real quick.”

You may ask yourself why our military doesn’t provide our service members with coffee. Most of the time they do. However, the coffee supplied to our deployed troops is cheap, very cheap and does not give them the extra motivation that freshly roasted coffee can.

Our motto at Operation Care For Heroes and Gun Monkey Coffee is ONLY THE BEST QUALITY FOR THOSE THAT SACRIFICE SO MUCH.

If you would like to contribute to coffee donations and support a unit that is currently deployed, please help us to put smiles on their faces!

Vist our gofundme page.

Thank you.

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