Our Coffee

Our coffee is sourced from small to medium-sized family-owned farms in the four mountain regions of Colombia and consists of organic and fair trade coffee beans. 

Our medium roasts — the Wheels Up, True Blue and the Battle Buddy -- are sourced from the Andes mountains, the highest mountain range in South America.

The Blackout roasts (dark roast) is sourced from the rich soils of the Cordillera Central mountain range, one of the most well-known coffee-growing regions in Colombia. The region is home to Mount Hulia, a snowcapped active volcano that is also the sixth-highest mountain in Colombia.

Our medium-light roast, the Fuzzy, is sourced from the Medellín region, a lush and mountainous landscape that also happens to be the center of Colombia’s coffee industry.

The Coffee Profiles

The process from a green bean to a roasted bean is a long journey. We spend hours developing the perfect profile for each coffee roast by initiating a series of roasts and cuppings to develop, hone, and present hand-tailored roasts to our consumers. We then conduct weekly coffee tastings with friends and family and receive feedback on each coffee profile.

We strive to find the perfect profile that is neither too acidic nor too bitter, but a bold and flavorful coffee that goes down smooth. Once we zero in on the specific profile and determine the time and temperature it takes to achieve the best-tasting coffee, we then repeat the process for every order.

Each green coffee bean has its own unique profile based on its origin. The key is to discover its unique taste within the roasting process.

Have you ever tasted coffee that is too bitter or too acidic? Coffee can be grown in different altitudes and warm regions, making it especially difficult to find the perfect roast and a great-tasting profile. Each bean has its own unique flavor and behaves differently under heat. Some beans need to be roasted for a long time to break down the acidity and some need to be roasted for less to prevent a bitter taste. The coffee bean can changes its aroma and taste in less than a minute, so it takes patience to lock into the perfect profile.

We are a small batch coffee company, which means we roast the coffee by the pound to guarantee the best quality. Every cup of Gun Monkey Coffee is special because every roast is crafted by hand. We hope you’ll love drinking it as much as we love roasting it.


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