New Partnership - Veterans Subs

Gun Monkey Coffee Company Partners with Veteran Subs, Brings Veteran-owned Coffee by-the-cup to Virginia

 FAIRFAX, VA (Oct. 24, 2022) – Gun Monkey Coffee Company, a small-batch coffee roasting company dedicated to serving America’s warfighters, has partnered with Veterans Subs, a disabled veteran-owned business opening in late October, to give customers the opportunity to purchase freshly brewed and roasted coffee.

 Veterans Subs, located at 621 West Jubal Early Drive, Winchester, VA, 22601, will brew Gun Monkey’s medium roast Wheels Up by-the-cup. When ground, this roast emits a toasty, roasted nutty aroma with hints of hazelnut, toasted pecan, and smoked malty sweetness. The Brazilian roast is a perfect match for winter coffee drinkers.

 Customers will also be able to purchase Gun Monkey’s classic 12 oz packaged roasts: Battle Buddy, Fuzzy, Wheels Up and Door smoker.

 The partnership is another extension of Gun Monkey’s pursuit to partner with veteran-run businesses.

 “Other major veteran-owned coffee companies charge an exuberant amount of money just to stock their coffee in-store. That type of model puts small businesses behind – putting pressure on them to sell coffee before it becomes stale,” said Thomas Hoban, owner of Gun Monkey Coffee Company.  “Our approach is different. We’re small and flexible, which allows businesses like Veterans Subs to order only what they need. It’s a win-win for both: Customers get coffee that’s super fresh – and Veterans Subs doesn’t break its bank.”

 This partnership marks the second storefront location for Gun Monkey. The company recently partnered with Dusty’s Country Store in Front Royal, VA, which currently carries freshly roasted bags of coffee. The store is located at 206 E Main St, Front Royal, VA 22630.

 About Gun Monkey Coffee Company

Gun Monkey Coffee Company is a small-batch roasting company dedicated to supporting U.S. troops at home and abroad. Gun Monkey’s mission is to provide high-quality, home-roasted coffee to members of the military and veterans as well as their friends and family. Proceeds from the company’s sales directly support veteran causes.

 By Chris Green, Communications Director

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