Poland-Ukraine Border

Gun Monkey Coffee Company pauses production, travels to support Ukrainian refugees and first responders

FAIRFAX, VA (April 17, 2022) – Gun Monkey Coffee Company, a leading provider of premium coffee for America’s warfighters, will enter a three-week production pause starting April 21, 2022 while we travel overseas to support refugee efforts in Ukraine. 

“Gun Monkey is built on supporting our warfighters and those in need when and where they need it most,” said Thomas Hoban, owner and operator of Gun Monkey Coffee Company. “The logistics of supporting Ukraine from our Fairfax location has stalled our progress, so we’re traveling overseas to assist the effort.” 

Gun Monkey Coffee Company’s website will display items as “out of stock” for three weeks while the company is overseas. 

“We’re a small-batch company with deep-rooted values,” said Hoban. "To ensure we never sacrifice our standards, order fulfillment may be delayed in times of crisis while we support warfighters, first responders and those in need.” 

Customers will be able to place orders for all roasts and products upon Gun Monkey Coffee Company’s return stateside in the second week of May. 

For all the latest information about our activities overseas and return date, follow our updates on Instagram and subscribe to our email list.

About Gun Monkey Coffee Company 

Gun Monkey Coffee Company is a small-batch roasting company dedicated to supporting U.S. troops at home and abroad. Gun Monkey’s mission is to provide high-quality, home-roasted coffee to members of the military and veterans as well as their friends and family. Proceeds from the company’s sales directly support veteran causes. 

By Chris Green, Communications Director


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