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Gun Monkey Coffee Company increases coffee roasting production with new, U.S.-made roaster 

FAIRFAX, VA (March 5, 2022) – Gun Monkey Coffee Company, a leading provider of premium coffee for America’s warfighters, has upgraded to a new, U.S.-made roaster that will increase production from 4 lbs per hour to 40 lbs per hour. The increased capability will allow Gun Monkey Coffee Company to support additional veteran organizations, while continuing to fulfill its core mission of providing active-duty troops and their families with high-quality, fresh-tasting coffee. Transitioning to the new system will cause a three-week production delay for all but deployed units.  

“We’re proud to be powered by an American-made machine that allows us to remain a small-batch roasting company,” said Thomas Hoban, owner and operator of Gun Monkey Coffee Company. “Our customers can now expect faster order fulfillment times.” 

The new roaster, a Ranger Xr-5 from Primo Roasting Equipment, is designed and manufactured in the United States. It features infrared dual-burner technology for more consistent roasting, an automated two-stage temperature controller, and dual motors to roast and cool simultaneously. Its independent drum airflow motor allows for consistent airflow throughout the roasting process and prevents any disruptions in the cooling process. Its digital temperature displays will allow for precise and accurate monitoring of roasting profiles.  

The increased production will allow Gun Monkey Coffee Company to meet the growing demand of its signature coffee roasts, THE FUZZY, BATTLE BUDDY and BLACKOUT, as well as its two new roasts, DOOR SMOKER and TRUE BLUE. Gun Monkey Coffee Company will continue its high-quality review process to ensure each batch of coffee is roasted to perfection. 

“The warfighter always comes first at Gun Monkey,” said Hoban. “Their sacrifice is worth the best-tasting coffee we can find.” 

The increased capabilities in roasting will open the door for new business partnerships with Gun Monkey Coffee Company. 

“We’re looking for organizations who match our mission of being soldier-first,” Hoban said. “We are a mission-driven company, and we believe each new business partner should bring something new to the table to support our troops.” 

About Gun Monkey Coffee Company 

Gun Monkey Coffee Company is a small batch roasting company dedicated to supporting U.S. troops at home and abroad. Gun Monkey’s mission is to provide high-quality, home-roasted coffee to members of the military and veterans as well as their friends and family. Proceeds from the company’s sales directly support veteran causes. 

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